Mailing Address:

Power Pak

163 Mitchells Chance Rd  #225
Edgewater, MD  21037

Power Pak was established in 1998 by the Star Dance Alliance’s CEO, Gary Pate. Power Pak was created as an opportunity for young performers from around the world to come together and participate in a week long dance intensive.  Gary wanted to give young dancers the chance to experience what it would be like to be in a professional dance company. The performers range in age from 7 to 21 years old and have been hand selected from Star Dance Alliance events worldwide.

The Power Pak creates an environment that encourages all participants to work hard and have fun. We teach our performers that the performance world is a small one and that the people they are meeting now, are the same people they will run into at future auditions, rehearsals, shows, etc.; if they pursue their career as a performer. Since our participants are from all over, this is a great opportunity for all of our participants to make new friends and create contacts that they can use to help them achieve their goals in the entertainment world.

We provide our performers with classes & seminars from the most talented teachers and choreographers from around the world. These teachers and choreographers are another way for participants to create contacts that will aid them in achieving their goals as a performer.

The lessons our participants learn while on tour are ones in which they will utilize for the rest of their lives. The friendships they make are unique and irreplaceable and the memories are unforgettable. The experiences they have at Power Pak  lead many performers to continue their dedication to their art and pursue careers where they entertain professionally in Broadway shows, music videos, on cruise ships and in other shows all across the nation. If Power Pak alumni aren’t performing; many are keeping dance close to their heart by pursuing careers in dance education, writing for dance organizations, or dance physical therapy, etc. Power Pak is an experience of a lifetime that our participants and spectators will never forget.