“My daughter has attended Power Pak every year since the age of 10. She is now 17 and counts down the days until the next one! This intensive is not only so much fun for her, but also educational, inspirational and rewarding! Each year she has shown growth as a dancer and a person, ending the week with life long friendships! The teachers and staff are without a doubt always incredible! Power Pak has been a special part of her life as well as mine! We love our Power Pak family!!”

Michelle L from Bristow, VA
(Power Pak Parent)

“My students have been attending Power Pak for decades. We have numerous dancers who also choose to go back each summer because it is such an extraordinary training program and well run week of fun and incredible dancing. The Directors show attention to every detail from classes to team bonding and makes each dancer feel important and safe. The culmination of all of their hard work performed on stage at the Battle, truly is inspiring each year. The dance families and teachers are always amazed at what the choreographers and dancers accomplish in such a short time. The dancers leave feeling proud and truly feel like better artists than when they arrived. They feel as though they have joined a new dance family, and remain friends for life with all their new friends from across the globe. Is is a very special week. As long as there is a Power Pak, Bleu students will be there!”

Kimberly Rishi from Ashburn, VA
(Studio Owner & Power Pak Fan)

“Powerpak has completely transformed my life as a professional dancer & performer. I constantly see Powerpak friends in Los Angeles and New York, and am reminded that we are not alone in our dance journey! The faculty I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and dancing with continue to help me on my journey as an emerging artist. Powerpak is truly a family, and I am so happy to still be a part of it! ”

Rebecca W from Los Angelos, CA
(Power Pak Team Leader and Alumni)

Charlotte has been part of the Power Pak family for 5 years and it is one of our favorite weeks every summer. As a parent and a dance instructor it is important to me that my daughter attends a summer program that will not only challenge her as a dancer but also offers opportunities to gain experience, versatility and confidence as a pre-professional performer. Power Pak checks all of those boxes. Power Pak's stellar faculty combined with its team leader structure enables dancers to learn from top industry choreographers while being supported and mentored by a young professional or college dancer in a small group setting. Between the full slate of fun social activities and the rehearsals for the Battle of the Stars opening routine, Charlotte has made so many friends from all over the country. It's hard to go to any competition during the year without running into someone from the Power Pak family. Special thanks to Chrystan, Madison and Meghan for the professionalism, warmth and humor you show to the parents and kids. We can't wait for Power Pak this summer!

Linda M from Chatham, NJ
(Power Pak Mom & Dance Teacher)

“My PowerPak experience helped my realize how empowering the dance world can be. The diverse classes challenged me and the faculty and staff offered me endless encouragement, helping me gain a new found confidence in my dancing. The Power Pak family is an incredible one, and one that I see myself staying connected with forever.”

Caroline K. from Cincinnati, OH
(Power Pak Alumni)

“My daughter has attended Power Pak for the past 3 years. She looks forward to it all year. The staff is fun, fresh & super talented. She has had the opportunity of working with so many wonderful choreographers and performed at Downtown Disney! She has also won scholarships to compete and further her education. The friendships that she made will last forever.”

Gail Willadsen-Criscione from Staten Island, NY
(Power Pak Parent and Studio Owner/Director) 

“Like many young and passionate dancers, I grew up traveling to hundreds of competitions through the years and have tons of memories that I have taken with me. There have been very few that have had such an impact on me as Power Pak has. For years I have told my studio parents and even fellow dancers how wonderful the experience is. I encourage my little ones to go when they are selected, but words honestly don't do justice. Over a decade later I still keep in touch with several of the dancers I that were in Power Pak with me and have watched us grow from high school, to college, to starting families of our own, reuniting all over the country from New York City to Texas. It taught me how to be professional and learn new choreography to perform within a week and how to mesh as a team that you have never met before. Through the professionalism and confidence it gave me, I do believe it helped kick start me to grow into my career as an NFL Cheerleader, performer, and educator.”

Shannon B. from Florida
(Power Pak Alumni)

“Power Pak is always a fun and educational experience for my dancers. The Master Classes are extremely beneficial and the guest choreographers are always top notch. My dancers also look forward to performing in the opening number of the Battle of the Stars. The routines are well rehearsed and very entertaining. I will continue to encourage my dancers to attend this prestigious workshop.”

Ginny Frye from Chantilly, VA
(Power Pak Alumni Parent and Studio Director)

As a Studio Owner and parent I can't possibly say enough AMAZING things about the Power Pak experience! My own daughter has attended and grown up as a 'Power Pak kid' for the last 7 years and I know she plans to attend all the way through her graduation in 2025! It has truly become 1 of her ABSOLUTE FAVORITE weeks of the summer! The friendships she has made with dancers around the US and abroad are the most beautiful and supportive relationships! It is so wonderful to watch their joy each summer when they are reunited together again at this event!

As for Ms Jill and Ms Marinda who choreograph the performance pieces each year, there aren't enough words to describe how AMAZING, caring, professional, loving, dedicated and downright INSPIRING they are to every dancer in attendance! Every summer I think to myself "how are they going to top that performance next year" and every year THEY DO! They are both pure GENIUS at what they do and what they give to these dancers! Power Pak is so grateful to have them and it's a pleasure to watch the impact they have on all of our dancers each summer!

I encourage ALL of our dancers who receive a Power Pak invitation to attend each summer and as a Studio Owner, it gives me great joy to watch them all flourish in their classes, their performances and cultivate relationships outside of our own team! The beautiful part of Power Pak is watching everyone united by their PASSION for dance without a competitive element! It's really hard to describe the impact this week has had on each of our dancers over the years! We are PROUD supporters of the Power Pak program!

Jeanine Klem-Thomas
(Power Pak Parent & Studio Owner)

"We are a very small studio in a very small rural town and rarely have the opportunity to attend things like Power Pak.  I’ve had 2 of my students attend Power Pak in previous years and have seen such amazing advances in their dancing and attitudes from this experience.  We love Power Pak and are so grateful to have people like the Power Pak team working so hard for our amazing kids."
Rachel S from Denver, CO
(Dance Teacher & Power Pak Fan)

“I have experienced Power Pak as a participant, a team leader, an assistant & now as a choreographer. As a child, it changed my life. As a professional, I watch it change hundreds of kids’ lives every summer. Of all my accomplishments, this program is what I am most proud of. 8 of 20 of my company members are Power Pak Alumni. It’s a bond and family you take with you forever.”

Marinda Davis
(Power Pak Choreographer, Alumni & Director of Marinspired)

“Power Pak was amazing. Thank you for sharing your love of dance with my daughter and helping her strengthen her skills. You guys are the best and we will see you next year.” 

Christy B. from Jax Beach, FL
(Power Pak Parent)

“I truly love all the teachers and staff at Power Pak and has made many lasting friendships. Most importantly – we credit the Power Pak teachers with helping her grow as a dance student. We do believe that her skills and her confidence have improved significantly year after year that she has attended.”

Lisa S. from Hillsborough, NC
(Power Pak Parent)

“Thank you so much for putting together such an amazing convention. I had such a great time, and felt like I grew so much as a dancer and person in just those few days. I was also able to develop lots of new friendships, and I am so grateful for that.”

Miriam G. from Mount Juliet, TN
(Power Pak Alumni)